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  • The markets are rough right now, but positive forward movement continues, like the BTC and ETH ETFs that just launched on the Hong Kong stock exchange!

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If the current bull run were a movie, we’d be at that point in the story where it feels like all hope is lost.

(The protagonist has failed on their mission/journey, and the storyline is wrapping itself up in a sad little bow).

…but then you look down at your watch, only to notice that you’re only 60 mins into a 120 min run time.

(And in doing the math, you realize there’s bound to be a come-back written into the third act).

Cause, yeah:

Market prices remain in the toilet…recoveries have been attempted only to fail…the distant murmurs of potential war feel as though they’re turning into shouts…

(It’s scary!).

…so what’s crypto’s “third act come-back” going to be made up of?

Probably a bunch of things, like:

  1. The Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs that just launched on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

    (Making it WAY easier for investor dollars from the asian market to find their way into BTC and ETH)

  2. The imminent supply shock coming to Bitcoin via the halving, when the flow of new BTC hitting the market each day is cut in half.

  3. (As things begin to recover) a continued boom in meme coin buying on Solana and Base.

  4. Pressure from the courts, slowly forcing the hand of the SEC to allow more crypto ETFs to be launched in the US.

  5. The US Bitcoin ETFs moving back into large daily net inflows (vs. the current pattern of net outflows).

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Brb, whispering these points into a voice note and meditating on them…

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