26 mins ago

    Skynet to Power New Era of AI-Enhanced Blockchain Technology

    Neo has announced a partnership with Phoenix, a decentralized Artificial Intelligence (AI) infrastructure provider. This collaboration aims to blend AI…
    42 mins ago

    Paris Match auctions NFTs to commemorate the magazine’s 75th year

    Paris Match, a French magazine, is auctioning 75 iconic archival photos as Ethereum (ETH) non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to celebrate its…
    1 hour ago

    ‘Pixels’ Chapter 2, Konami on Avalanche, Telegram Gaming Boom

    The crypto and NFT gaming space is busier than ever lately, what with prominent games starting to release, token airdrops…
    3 hours ago

    Bitcoin FINALLY Reaches Key Level …This is setting up next

    Bitcoin finally reaches key level …this is setting up next. As bitcoin ETF approval is given, bitcoin has finally reached…
    3 hours ago

    BitTorrent Officially Releases BTFS V3.0 (Heisenberg) On ​​the Mainnet

    BitTorrent has announced the official release of BTFS V3.0 Heisenberg on the mainnet. The new update brings multiple intuitive features…
    5 hours ago

    Is Bitcoin’s recovery here? Key factors that can help BTC rise again

    The STH-SOPR and one other indicator revealed that Bitcoin’s respite is coming. The spike in the Stock to Flow ratio…


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