AI Crypto with $6.6M Raised, Is NuggetRush a New Shiba Inu ?

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Recent developments have brought forth a wave of excitement and innovation in the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin’s impressive surge, witnessing a remarkable 150% increase since January, has set the stage for a bullish market in motion. Amidst this momentum, three tokens are making waves: Jito on Solana, InQubeta (QUBE) with its promising AI offerings, and NuggetRush, a potential rival to Shiba Inu.

Bitcoin Leading The Pump

Bitcoin has demonstrated a robust performance over the past seven weeks, consistently closing with green candles and showcasing an impressive upward move. Starting from a low of $27,150, Bitcoin has surged to $44,000 at present. This positive momentum is catalyzing the broader cryptocurrency market and is significantly influencing the movement of altcoins as they increase.

Jito’s Stride in the Solana Ecosystem

Solana blockchain, with its resurgence in popularity, is witnessing the introduction of Jito’s governance token JTO and its airdrops to past users. JTO holders influence Jito’s treasury and fee rates, fostering decentralization.

While only 10% of JTO’s supply is allocated to airdrops, Jito’s innovative approach allows a generous 18-month window for users to claim their rewards. The unclaimed tokens enter a treasury managed by Jito’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). 

This, coupled with the allocation for investors and core contributors, solidifies Jito’s commitment to a sustainable ecosystem.

QUBE: Fueling AI Investments with a $6.6M Fundraiser

InQubeta’s QUBE token has gained significant traction, with its presale raising an impressive $6.6 million. 

This success mirrors the growing recognition of artificial intelligence (AI) as a transformative force across various industries. As businesses increasingly rely on AI in the era of remote work and technological dependence, QUBE positions itself as a gateway to fractional investments in AI startups.

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InQubeta’s Innovative Approach

InQubeta stands out as a platform bridging the gap between investors and AI startups. The QUBE token, an ERC20 token, facilitates fractional investments with a unique fee structure. With plans for an NFT marketplace, InQubeta Swap, and InQubeta DAO, the platform aims for a multichain presence by Q1 2024, showcasing a commitment to expansion and accessibility.

InQubeta Presale 

NuggetRush: Gaming with a Purpose

NuggetRush (NUGX) is fast becoming a disruptive force in the metaverse, giving gamers better experiences with its play-to-earn gaming offerings. Going beyond mere entertainment, NuggetRush offers real-world value by allowing players to exchange in-game assets for tangible commodities like gold and cash.

NUGX is poised to present a formidable challenge to other gaming projects and meme coins like SHIB.

NUGX’s Unique Features

What sets NUGX apart is its play-to-earn model, where characters in the game also serve as NFT collectibles. Characters like Maxwell Stoneforge, Marcus “Mack” McAllister, and Amelia “Mia” Gallagher bring a unique blend of gaming and collectibles to the forefront. NUGX’s governance token empowers the community in decision-making, further enhancing engagement.

With 70% of tokens allocated for its third presale round already sold, NUGX has captured attention. A transparent environment, validated by a SolidProof audit and plans for community-driven contract ownership, underscores NUGX’s commitment to trustworthiness.

In a crypto landscape filled with unlimited possibilities, NuggetRush (NUGX) is leveraging blockchain tech and community impact to carve a solid niche for itself.

NuggetRush Presale Website | InQubeta Presale

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