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The bear market claims another web3 game as StarGarden announces they are closing down while they search for additional sources of funding. This has also led to a layoff of most of their staff, but the remaining team promises to still have mini-game releases through Fortnite!

Having run an early access playtest earlier this year, it seemed that StarGarden was well on the way to joining the ranks of active, playable, web3 games. However, that has all come crashing to a halt! The StarGarden team just announced that they are putting their game development on pause, laying off the majority of their team, and working on finding ways to receive funding for continued development.

And, as is often the case, the owners of StarGarden claim that this is not a closing of the game, but rather just a temporary hiatus. However, as we have seen in the past, these temporary shutters often turn into a permanent shutdown.

And in order to show that all is not lost, the remaining StarGarden team plans to release a few mini-games they designed. This will be done through the Unreal Engine’s Fortnite Platform. with the first release on Saturday, September 30th. Check their Discord for more information about how to join.

It’s always sad to see a promising project forced to shutter their doors. But, perhaps StarGarden will be one of the few projects that do actually manage to turn things around and return from the dead!

What is StarGarden?

StarGarden, the game, is a free to play, competitive, auto-battler.

Then there are also StarGarden NFTs, which will act as tribe (guild) bases within the game. StarGarden features the typical auto-battler game mechanics, and the ability for players to gather and craft new creatures and items. But StarGarden will also put a focus on player co-operation through tribes. Each StarGarden NFT represents one tribe. Players in that tribe can contribute to community building construction through quests. This also opens up additional crafting, questing options, and slots for additional players. And this tribe growth is even permanently saved to the metadata for the StarGarden NFT!

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Players can purchase Founding StarGarden NFTs on third party markets. The team also says that they won’t sell any creatures, ingredients, or materials for use in-game. Instead leaving it up to the players to build their own game economy.

To learn more about StarGarden, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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