Play to Earn Games to Watch in October

October brings Halloween traditions to some parts of the world. And with it often comes Halloween themed sales, events, and cosmetics. But before we get to all that, there is plenty of other activity during this month. Here are a few games we plan to watch during the month of October!

The Halloween activities haven’t quite begun yet, but don’t be surprised to see announcements soon about that sort of thing! In the meantime, there is plenty of non-holiday themed events and happenings coming soon or even already in progress!

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained dropped news of a season two for their popular TCG. Dubbed Far Horizons, this season brings new god powers, updated artwork, a new card set, and more! But I don’t expect to see all of this, or even any of it really, during the month of October. However, I do expect that we will start receiving some details about their plans, early card art, and other good stuff like that!

Gods Unchained Season Two banner


MegaWorld is one of those web3 games that have been around for quite a while but haven’t attracted a huge audience. They’re hoping to change that with the launch of Express Delivery, a play to earn system that ties in with the building production that has been the heart of the game since it was known as MegaCryptopolis!

With only a limited number of people receiving access to Express Delivery, it’s too early to tell if this will be a successful endeavor or not. But, as the gates open wider, we should get a better idea of whether this new game mode will attract the players it needs.

MegaWorld Alpha Express banner


Sugartown is a new web3 gaming platform built and run by Zynga. And it seems as if Zynga is wasting little time, having already put out an NFT sale and implemented an NFT staking program. Their first game, known only as NGMI, should be available soon, with those staking their Ora NFTs among those who receive first access!

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Apparently, Zynga already has five other games in the works for the Sugartown platform!

Certainly, Sugartown is not the only casual games platform in the web3 scene. But Zynga is a big name in web2 casual gaming, and have plenty of resources, as well as the potential to bring in millions of new web3 gamers! This is definitely a project I will be watching closely over the coming months!

Sugartown banner

My Pet Hooligan

My Pet Hooligan is now in open, public, early access, letting everyone try out their wacky, action-packed, FPS. In addition, their recent partnership with Amazon Gaming should have brought some extra attention to this game.

And even though it’s pre-launch, My Pet Hooligan includes a battle pass system where players can earn skins and other items just by playing the game!

My Pet Hooligan screenshot

But that’s not all…

Of course this is not all that will be happening with web3 gaming in October. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and visit our website regularly to keep up with all of the latest web3 gaming news!

Phil Hall has been a gaming enthusiast since birth and a crypto enthusiast since 2017. He enjoys new discoveries and sharing those with others via blogging and photography. You can follow him on Twitter or read his other articles on Medium.

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