ZetaChain Price Prediction: ZETA Explodes 171% As This ICO Combining Blockchain And EV Technology Races Towards $1 Million

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The ZetaChain price soared 171% in the last 24 hours to trade for $1.74 as of 2:00 a.m. EST time.

Along with the price surge, trading volume is up nearly 600%, steered by the hype around the introduction of ZETA on the Bitget launch pool.

It also follows the launch of ZetaChain Mainnet Beta, with eligible users being able to claim earned ZETA in ZetaHub. All users can Earn XP during the first launch campaign, according to an official blog

ZetaChain Price Prediction

Looking at the 15-minute ZETA/USD chart, the price is above the green line (the lips), the red line (the teeth), and the blue line (the jaw) of the Alligator indicator, indicating a bullish trend. The Alligator’s lines appear to be pulling towards a convergence after being spread out. This suggests that the trend, which had been established for some time, is losing steam. 

Nevertheless, for as long as the alignment of the jaw, teeth, and lips remain in ascending order, the upside potential will remain alive for the ZetaChain price. If the bullish trend continues and the price remains above the Alligator’s jaw, we could see further upward movement. 

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TradingView: ZETA/USD 15-min chart

On the flipside, the Awesome Oscillator (AO) histogram shows red bars reducing in volume, moving closer to the zero line. This indicates that the bullish momentum could be losing strength and may be heading toward a neutral or bearish momentum if the trend continues.

Additionally, the Average Directional Index (ADX), with a value of 33.12, is inclined south, suggesting the predominant trend is losing steam. Should the AO continue to decrease and cross below the zero line, it could signal that the bullish momentum is truly waning, and a trend reversal or sideways consolidation might occur.

Meanwhile, as the ZetaChain price pumps, analysts say new ICO eTukTuk has big potential in 2024. It is a green coin focused on electric three-wheel vehicles and charging infrastructure, and it’s creating quite a buzz in the crypto space. Analyst Jacob Bury says the coin has 10X potential upon launch.

Promising Alternative To ZetaChain 

Among experts’ top ICOs to purchase in 2024, eTukTuk is a groundbreaking cryptocurrency project helping Tuk Tuk drivers use less energy. The initiative focuses on emerging economies in South Asia and Africa, beginning with Sri Lanka. 

eTukTuk has a strong use case. It meets people where blockchain tech and sustainability interact with a clear vision. The team wants to create a carbon-fighting environment. This is done by integrating blockchain and AI technologies and promoting green transportation. This should accelerate the global transition to electric car usage.

Investors profit from eTukTuk’s staking mechanism, while drivers save money. More intriguingly, the initiative offers stakers 298% annual percentage yields (APY). Users will get 4.75 $TUK for each BSC block in $TUK Token incentives.

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Your part of the staking pool and yearly returns percentage determine your 3-year rewards. Early stakers have an edge over late bloomers since the APY decreases with time.


Buy TUK tokens on the website for $0.02625, a price that will increase in a little over 11 days. Join the green $TUK token presale to join the eTukTuk sustainable transportation revolution.

Visit eTukTuk here.

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