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Yuga Labs Unveils Otherside Development Partners

Yuga Labs, known for its involvement with popular Web3 projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and CryptoPunks, announced new partnerships to advance Otherside’s development. This interoperable metaverse platform seeks to offer users a community-driven experience across various platforms, including web, 3D, and mobile.

Technical and Creative Expertise Merge

Several companies will contribute distinct skills to the development of Otherside. Hadean, a spatial technology firm, will focus on constructing high-density simulation and networking solutions to allow high-fidelity virtual experiences. Meanwhile, AccelByte is set to provide an extensible backend platform for live game services, known for its scalability.

Furthermore, Bad Rhino Studios will employ its developers, designers, artists, and engineers to offer players dynamic and social virtual experiences. Additionally, Faraway will work on developing engaging gameplay on a moment-to-moment basis. “These best-in-class companies are aligned with our vision of Otherside as an interoperable platform built with, and in service of, our communities,” Reid added.

Eric Reid, General Manager of Otherside, stated, “A core objective of Otherside is to enable people to achieve their creative, experiential, and economic goals.” He emphasized the importance of deep collaboration with creators and technologists in realizing the vision for Otherside.

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Commitment to Open Development and Interoperability

Yuga Labs expressed its commitment to building Otherside transparently, promising to share everything from demos to behind-the-scenes looks. Furthermore, the company aims to refine the platform through real-time creator and community feedback. Yuga Labs is also a member of OMA3‘s board of directors, a coalition of web3 metaverse platform creators focused on interoperability and transparency.

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By including various global partners in the project, Yuga Labs aims to make Otherside a true enabler of innovation, putting the power back in the hands of the creators and the community.

What is Otherside? 

Otherside, a metaverse in development by Yuga Labs—the entity behind the well-known Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs—enables players to own a piece of the virtual world through Otherdeed NFTs. It incorporates NFT characters not just from Yuga Labs but from various other platforms as well.

Segmented into five unique areas, the metaverse offers an engaging setting complete with its backstory and quests, where participants can interact with non-playable characters and gather resources. Built for cross-platform compatibility, Otherside offers developers open data kits (ODKs), enabling the use of Otherside’s data in different applications and allowing players to utilize their NFTs in multiple games and platforms.

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