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Want to Invest in Web3 Daily?

A few weeks ago we received an email from one of our readers asking if they could invest in Web3 Daily.

We – Seb and Chevy – haven’t raised a single dollar to date for W3D (although we have raised money for the previous companies we ran).

After thinking long and hard about the idea, we decided to go ahead and open the opportunity to any accredited investors that read Web3 Daily.

So here’s our pitch:

The goal of this newsletter is to help readers make sense of Web3 and get excited about the future of blockchain technology.

Having run Web3 Daily through both a bull and bear market, we noticed that paid growth is way cheaper in a bear market!

Good news for the world/bad news for paid growth strategies: the BTC halving which is due in April 2024, has historically triggered a new bull run.

So we figured that by raising a bit of cash now, we can…

  1. (Selfishly) Take advantage of the low cost of advertising and super-charge our growth, before the next bull run kicks in.

  2. (Not-so-selfishly) Onboard more people into the world of Web3 & crypto, before the next bull run hits and prices most people out of the market.

So, if you’re an accredited investor, or know one who would be interested in seeing our deck and setting up a call – email Seb.

We’d love to chat and continue to build this business with those who know us best – our readers.

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