Verato and CLEAR Revolutionize Healthcare with Digital Identity Partnership

MCLEAN, Va. — Verato and CLEAR announce partnership aimed at turbocharging the adoption of digital identity within the healthcare sector. This strategic alliance marries Verato’s battle-tested healthcare Master Data Management (hMDM) approach for enterprise identity data with CLEAR’s cutting-edge consumer-facing identity verification tech, promising healthcare institutions and patients an unwavering trust in identity throughout the entire patient journey.

Both Verato and CLEAR envision digital identity as a potent catalyst for the metamorphosis of healthcare data management, capable of surmounting age-old interoperability conundrums, greatly enhancing patient experiences, and trimming down healthcare operational expenditures. Together, they aspire to set a new benchmark for trusted identity, capable of fueling the next era of clinical, analytical, and engagement workflows.

Clay Ritchey, CEO of Verato, remarked, “CLEAR’s approach to digital identity verification perfectly complements Verato’s robust enterprise identity data management capabilities. Our partnership empowers organizations to embrace contemporary digital front door strategies by equipping consumers and patients with secure tools for managing access to their digital health records — ultimately elevating care delivery, patient outcomes, and the overall patient journey.”
“Despite over two decades of digital evolution, the healthcare system remains ensnared in outdated manual processes and fragmented databases.” Caryn Seidman Becker, CEO of CLEAR
“We’re thrilled to join forces with Verato to introduce CLEAR’s universal health identity to a wider audience of patients and providers.”

Todd Rogow, CEO of Healthix, one of the region’s largest public Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), weighed in, stating, “Handling digital identities accurately across such a complex ecosystem, aggregating patient data from over 8,000 sources for more than 20 million patients, presents a formidable challenge.”

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“Verato and CLEAR’s vision of collaborating to achieve comprehensive and trusted identity data management will be a boon for the industry, providing unfailingly accurate and dependable information.”

This partnership emerges at a critical juncture when patient misidentification remains a pervasive issue across the United States. A recent Government Accountability Office report highlighted that 45% of major hospitals struggle with accurately identifying patients through electronic health information, posing a grave threat to patient safety and hindering coordinated care efforts.

Moreover, trusted identity is pivotal to the success of numerous strategic initiatives within healthcare organizations, whether it’s Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) working toward broader public health objectives or health systems implementing cloud data warehousing and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to more effectively manage at-risk populations, positively influence patient behavior and outcomes, and bolster revenue.

To delve deeper into the identity management solutions offered by Verato and CLEAR, please visit this link.

About Verato

Verato empowers intelligent growth, holistic patient care, and actionable insights by addressing the linchpin issue that underpins all others — accurate identification. The Verato hMDM platform, the healthcare industry’s inaugural purpose-built master data management solution, furnishes a complete and reliable 360-degree perspective on patients, consumers, members, providers, and communities.

Over 80 of the most esteemed brands in healthcare entrust Verato to link, reconcile, enrich, oversee, and activate person and provider data across the intricate digital healthcare ecosystem with unparalleled precision, simplicity, and speed. With a secure enterprise-wide singular source of truth for identity, Verato ensures that the foundation of identity remains unwavering. For additional information, please visit verato.com.

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