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These 15 Memes Just Added $10B to $GME (Here’s What It Means for Crypto)


  • In 2021, the $GME mania spilled over into crypto, sparking a run up in memecoins — that same $GME mania has just started again, w/ hopes it’ll hit crypto a 2nd time.

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15 and counting.

That’s how many memes it took for @TheRoaringKitty (the dude that drove the GameStop stock mania back in 2021) to add $10B to GameStop’s market value, in just two days of trading.

It started with this post (also pictured above ☝️), after $GME stock started to rise in after hours trading over the weekend — which was Roaring Kitty’s (aka Keith Gill’s) first post since June 18th, 2021.

Since then, he’s been putting on a masterclass in high quality, degen-rallying memes (view them herethis is our favorite so far).

“Ok, that’s cool — but what does this have to do with crypto?”

Fair point!

Back in — what was it, late 2020/early 2021? — when Keith’s theory on $GME being massively undervalued started to enter the zeitgeist, it sparked a chain reaction that spilt over into crypto, and lead to the Dogecoin pump of 2021.

So now Crypto Twitter is playing with the idea that lightning may strike twice, as those that feel they’ve missed out on the recent $GME pump turn to the crypto markets in search of a fresh win.

Whether or not this comes to pass is anyones guess…

But here’s how we hope it plays out:

We’re guessing that many of the folks that took part in the 2021 $GME and $DOGE pumps bought their stocks and crypto via Robinhood (which was the platform of choice at the time).

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Since then, those folks have likely either:

…for those retail investors that held, if anything is going to bring them charging back into the space with fresh cash, it’s a notification telling them that they’re back in profit (and climbing).

And when retail arrives, things get crazy.

Fingers, toes, and eyes: crossed — hoping this comes to pass!

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