The Speedy 40 VIA is Here!

Louis Vuitton brings its iconic Speedy bag to the fashion scene and it’s now available as an NFT for the Louis Vuitton Treasure Trunk NFT holders.


  • Louis Vuitton collaborates with Pharrell to create a new NFT version of the iconic Speedy bag, available exclusively for Treasure Trunk NFT holders.
  • The VIA Treasure Trunk is an NFT collection offering exclusive access to Louis Vuitton’s web3 community, providing access to exclusive product releases, events, and launches.
  • The physical version of the Speedy bag will be released in January 2024, while the NFT version is available to Treasure Trunk holders.
image of Pharrell Williams wearing a Louis Vuitton bag available as NFT
Louis Vuitton offers exclusive access to its latest Speedy digital bag model for all Treasure Trunk holders.

Louis Vuitton x Pharrell: What’s The New NFT Collab About?

The luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton revealed its Speedy 40 VIA this week. The company has collaborated with Pharrell, their Men’s Creative Director, to revamp the iconic 1930s bag as an NFT. This collectible will be available for Treasure Trunk NFT holders only.

In fact, Pharrell was the first to show off the physical version of the bag during LV’s runway show for the 2024 Paris Fashion Week. Accordingly, the physical bags will release in January 2024.

Twitter screenshot of a Louis Vuitton bag announcement for its VIA Treasure Trunk community
Louis Vuitton revealed the news of its Speedy bag NFT available for VIA Treasure Trunk holders on social media.

What is the VIA Treasure Trunk collection?

VIA Treasure Trunk is an NFT collection that offers exclusive access to LV’s web3 community. The digital assets launched on June 8th for a whopping $42K per piece, and for a good reason.

According to LV, the phygital NFTs will be a gateway for exclusive product releases, events, and also new launches. Additionally, the brand’s Speedy bag launch is the first example of this kind.

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Notably, many top celebs like Dua Lipa, Rihanna, and Paris Hilton love this bag model. Therefore, this means that Louis Vuitton fans’ interest in their VIA Treasure Trunk will increase.

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