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The Path to Universal One-Click Payments


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Online advertising and privacy go together like:

Oil and water…
Chalk and cheese…
F*cbois and commitment…

Ad platforms will even go as far as ‘fingerprinting’ your browser by identifying your installed plugins, fonts, browser version age, and screen resolution to create a unique digital ‘fingerprint’ that lets them know who you are.

(So even if you do block cookies, use a new IP address, and login to everything with a brand new email — they still know it’s you).

Now, sadly, this isn’t the part where we tell you Web3 is about to solve this…

BUT! It does offer some massive quality-of-life improvements for both customers and merchants alike, by allowing Web3 builders to do something that Web2 hasn’t been able to.

That thing is:

Universal, internet-wide one click payments.

You see an item on socials → one click and it’s on its way.
You see ad with a discount offer on a website → one click and it’s on its way.
You need to pay a friend for dinner → one click and…you get the point.

It’s kind of like if PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Stripe, Amazon Payments, Shopify’s ‘Shop’ app, and Zelle all combined into one mega-payments platform, allowing universal ‘one-click check out’ online.

Problem is, these Web2 payment platforms are splintered across multiple regions and various companies — so that ain’t happening!

(And it’s not for a lack of trying).

But with crypto payments — the systems are owned by no one, ignore any region locks, and already have established user networks.

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Here’s the math on how we get internet-wide one click payments:

Wallets that accept most/all major cryptocurrencies (e.g: Trust Wallet) + crypto adoption + one-click crypto payment integrations across the web (like we’ve recently seen on Farcaster).

The incentive for merchants to adopt = this will attract crypto-wealthy customers, and remove friction from the buying process (increasing sales).

The incentive for crypto users to adopt = this could add trillions to crypto’s total market cap (and end the traditional banking system’s stranglehold on us).

Helluva concept!

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