Starknet NFT Minting Event Now Live For Only 24 Hours!

In celebration of this significant leap, a 24-hour limited-time official Quantum Leap NFT minting activity is set to launch.

The Starknet community is gearing up for the release of a special commemorative NFT, symbolizing the remarkable “quantum leap” accomplished by the Starknet mainnet. This NFT release marks a pivotal moment in the platform’s journey toward advancement.

With the deployment of the Quantum Leap v0.12.1 upgrade to the mainnet, the network aims to enhance network processing speed in the near future.

Anticipating the third quarter’s conclusion, the team envisions the network approaching a 3-digit level for Total Transactions Processed Per Second (TPS), a substantial growth from the current 37 TPS during testing and occasional peaks at 90 TPS, far surpassing the prior 10 TPS benchmark.

The significance of this “quantum leap” cannot be overstated, reflecting a monumental accomplishment for Starknet’s mainnet. The decision to celebrate through an NFT highlights the community’s innovative spirit.

NFTs, known for encapsulating moments on the blockchain, have gained immense popularity for their uniqueness among crypto enthusiasts.

StarkWare, the driving force behind Starknet, believes these enhancements will bolster Ethereum’s application scaling, benefiting DeFi and the gaming sector with improved user processing speeds.

Looking ahead, the network’s roadmap includes version 13.0, featuring refinements and transaction fee reductions, and version 14.0, facilitating diverse payment integration for transactions. This version is poised to establish a market for block space within the Layer-2 ecosystem.

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