Reddit Co-founder Foresees a Collision of AI and Blockchain Technologies

  • According to Ohanian, there is an “indisputable need” for both AI and blockchain.
  • Blockchain technology, in his view, offers a way around the problem via inscriptions.

Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, has put forth a notion that blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) might collide. The tech entrepreneur claims that artificial intelligence and blockchain are on the cusp of a “collide” that will lead to mutual reinforcement.

He elaborated by saying that the connection between the two cutting-edge technologies was the inspiration for his hypothesis. According to Ohanian, there is an “indisputable need” for both AI and blockchain.

Vision for the Future

Plus, ever since AI began to gain traction, he has recognized the revolutionary change it has brought. According to Reddit’s co-founder, AI is making “images infinitely available” in the present moment. The release of several fascinating AI technologies by leading tech firms supports his claim.

Google Genie can make a playable virtual environment out of a single picture, while OpenAI Sora can make films from written descriptions. According to Ohanian, more and more of these tools will be released by firms soon; in fact, this trend has begun. Creativity and ownership have become more difficult to manage due to the widespread use of AI techniques.

Blockchain technology, in his view, offers a way around this problem via inscriptions that anybody might use to confirm an image’s authenticity or provenance. Due to the addition of another non-speculative use case, blockchain technology will see an upswing.

Numerous businesses are already investigating potential use cases for combining AI and blockchain technology, and Ohanian’s vision for the future is inspiring.

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Forbes said a week ago that blockchain and AI would probably help Web3.0 flourish. Here, the openness and immutability of blockchain data processing and AI’s ability to learn from data and make predictions were both recognized.

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