Play to Airdrop while Managing a Honeyland Hive

Mobile gaming and play to airdrop — what better combination could there be!? Well as luck would have it, Honeyland has both of those things for you. In fact, if you start playing now, you can earn points multipliers to help you climb the airdrop leaderboards which will open in May!

Honeyland, a new mobile-based, web3-enabled game, has just kicked off the first phase of a new play to airdrop campaign for their Honey token (HXD).

For this Honeyland airdrop, players must manage and grow their own colony of bees. Through May 9th, we are in the ‘multipliers period’. During this time, players can earn bonus points and multipliers by playing and referring friends. From May 10th through the 31st, the real competition begins, with everyone trying to secure their spot on the leaderboard.

Honeyland is very casual friendly game. All missions are time based, so you can send your bees on longer missions while you’re sleeping or unable to check on your Hive progress. But, Honeyland also includes plenty of strategic depth for those willing to dig in a little more and carefully upgrade and breed their bees to get the best workers possible.

a Bee wearing NASA cosmetic items

Play to Airdrop

To get on the leaderboard, you will need to reach level 7 in-game and become a ‘Certified Beekeeper’. Becoming Certified requires a facial scan, a step the Honeyland team is using to try and ensure that behind every account is a unique, real-life human, Players will also need to refer at least one other player to be eligible for leaderboard rewards.

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Earn bonus points for each level (through level 15) that you reach in-game. You can also earn bonus points by claiming a free cNFT from drip.haus (only available through April 14th), buying HXD tokens, staking HXD tokens, and other bonus activities that have not yet been revealed.

Multipliers can be earned by referring other players who reach at least level 7. This multiplier can go as high as 3.5x. Players can also receive a points multiplier by completing a Zealy quest. You can read the full details on the airdrop at https://hxdairdrop.honey.land/

Honeyland is free to play. Head over to their website to download the game and get started!

a few of the staked land plots in Honeyland
a few of the staked land plots in Honeyland

What is Honeyland?

Honeyland is a mobile, web3 game that sees players managing a colony of bees. Players manage their Hive and send their worker bees out to gather resources and harvest Honey (HXD).

Honeyland features all sorts of management options including egg hatching, breeding, bee upgrading, and much more. They also offer PvP in the form of hive raids, and even hive customization for the interior decorators! Each bee has individual stats, upgrade slots, and only a limited number of missions, so choosing the right bees for the right job can make the difference between a regular Hive and one running at max efficiency!

Players can also opt to purchase NFT Bess, which not only have better stats but also do not have a mission cap (ie, they can be used forever). Land NFTs are available as well, offering bonuses to owners and receiving a commission fee when other players harvest there.

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Within Honeyland are a number of casual, mini-games. Play these games to earn win more rewards and bonuses for your Hive!

Honeyland is free to play. New players receive a starter Hive and a starting set of bees. Additionally, players can complete the Welcome Pass quests to earn a number of additional items while learning how to play the game.

Honey, or HXD, is the primary game currency used for breeding and other game activities. Players can purchase HXD tokens or earn them in-game. Honeyland also recently introduced a new feature, custom .hxd subdomains that players can set as their in-game username!

To learn more about Honeyland, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat.

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