NARS NFT Collection Drops on National Orgasm Day!

NARS teams up with talented female artists to create a unique NFT collection inspired by their iconic Orgasm shade. These unique artworks will be auctioned on SuperRare marketplace, making them highly sought after by beauty enthusiasts and art collectors.


  • NARS collaborates with five talented female artists for an exclusive Orgasm-inspired NFT collection, capturing the essence of their iconic shade.
  • Starting July 19, these NFT artworks will be available on SuperRare, creating buzz among beauty enthusiasts and art collectors. 
  • There will be a Twitter Spaces event on July 25 for a reserve auction on SuperRare. 100% of the proceeds from the auction will go to the creators.
Still from NARS NFT
SuperRare x NARS

NARS’ Orgasm Shade Inspired NFTs

NARS is taking a big step into the digital world in an exciting collaboration with SuperRare. The renowned beauty brand has commissioned five talented female-identifying digital artists to create exclusive NFTs inspired by their iconic Orgasm shade. Dr Alex Box, Serwah Attafuah, NINOCENCE, Clara Bacou, and Damara Ingles have creatively crafted the bespoke pieces. 

These unique NFT artworks will be up for auction on the leading curated NFT marketplace, SuperRare, starting on July 19 at 9 am EST. Moreover, each piece is a single-edition masterpiece, making them highly sought-after collectibles for beauty and art enthusiasts. 

In addition, each artist has created an augmented reality (AR) filter that incorporates their virtual makeup looks. These filters will be available on the NARS Instagram (@narsissist) on July 31st, which is National Orgasm Day. Fans are encouraged to join the celebration by sharing one of the filters to their Instagram Stories, tagging @NARSissist and using #NARSFilterContest for a chance to win a very special Orgasm gift.

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What’s more, on July 25 at 11 am EST, fans can join a Twitter Spaces event where they can interact with the participating artists, NARS, and SuperRare teams. This also coincides with the reserve auction on SuperRare, allowing fans to bid on the Orgasm 1:1 NFTs. In fact, the best part is that 100% of the auction proceeds and royalties will go directly to the creators.

This project marks another milestone in NARS’ web3 journey, building on the success of the previous Orgasm-inspired collection, aiming to onboard more women into the world of Web3. So, mark your calendars for the NARS NFT Collection drop on National Orgasm Day!

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