More Play and Earn Events in The Sandbox

Events in The Sandbox just keep coming. But this time around we have something a little different — an event run and managed by a third party developer. They have built an experience in The Sandbox, and also created their own play and earn event around it!

We’ve seen plenty of events and competitions coming from The Sandbox, often partnered with other projects to promote and rewards their experiences. But now we seem to be moving into a new era where content creators in The Sandbox are ready to release and reward their own experiences.

One of the first of those games is Pickaxe Master, which began alpha season one last week.

Pickaxe Master

Pickaxe Master is a game for the resource harvesters. It is a PvE game built in The Sandbox where players compete to top the mining leaderboards. They recently started their Alpha Mining Season, offering rewards to the top players for their game.

There are three categories of leaderboards, free to play, pickaxe owners, and clan avatar owners. Free to play features 12 categories, with 200 SAND distributed between them. The other leaderboards are much more lucrative, with each distributing 2400 SAND to the top players. The Pickaxe Owner leaderboard is scored based on the sum of all mined resources. Clan leaderboards consist of the sum of the individual points from all clan members.

Pickaxe Master includes an introductory quest to get players started. To learn more about Pickaxe Master, visit their website and Twitter account. You can pick up a Pickaxe NFT in the official Sandbox marketplace.

Other Events

As for official events in The Sandbox, there is still no shortage of those! We currently have four live, official events in The Sandbox, with another one starting soon. This includes the Elvis Diner Social Club, an experience developed by Elvis On-Chain, an official offshoot of Elvis Enterprises working to bring The King to the digital world!

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These games for all of these events are free to play. You will need to create an account with The Sandbox and download the game client. Some of the events offer bonus rewards for those who hold NFTs from their collections. You’ll have to check out the individual event pages for details.

What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a collection of virtual experiences, each one created and customized by the plot owner. The Sandbox ecosystem continues to grow by leaps and bounds. They’ve reached a point where they constantly have at least one or more play and earn events ongoing. Along the way, The Sandbox has made over 700 partnerships, many of them building their own Sandbox experiences! And with lots of big names among them like Atari, Snoop Dogg, Warner Music, and more!

To learn more about The Sandbox, read our complete Sandbox Review and guide here. You can also visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

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