MegaWorld Announces Citizen Traits and Pack Sale

MegaWorld just recently started their Express Delivery alpha and already they’re implementing new features to make the experience more engaging. The first of these begin on October 5th as MegaWorld introduces Citizen Traits, and also opens a sale for Courier Citizens who specialize in quicker movement!

The MegaWorld Express Delivery Alpha is still in closed beta, but the team continues to add new players on a regular basis, including everyone who buys an Express Alpha Pack in the upcoming sale!

The Express Alpha Pack sale will be limited to 333 packs on each accessible blockchain (Ethereum, Tron, and Binance Chain). The sale begins on October 5th at 6pm UTC, and packs will only be available through the MegaWorld store.

Inside of these packs are specialized, Gen A Citizens, as well as Cars, including some Supercars! Alpha Courier Gen A Citizens can be appointed to work in a building or used as an Avatar. Each of these Gen A Citizens is guaranteed to have skills equivalent to at least Top Manager, with Professional level Citizens in every third pack. Alpha Couriers also have an innate 25% boost to running speed, and some may have traits that give them a 50% or even 100% boost!

Additionally, inside of each Express Alpha Pack is a Car, with every third pack containing a Supercar. And finally, each pack also contains an Alpha Ticket granting access to the Express Delivery alpha. These tickets are not tradeable and limited to one per wallet. However, each ticket does include ten invitations you can hand out.

Prices for Express Alpha Packs have not yet been revealed.

Express Delivery Alpha packs

Citizen Traits

Also on October 5th, Citizen Traits will be assigned. These will be generated with the Citizen’s appearance and genome taken into consideration. In the future, players will have some control over the the Traits of Citizens that are newly created through Residential buildings. This will include some Traits not available otherwise! But that’s later!

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For now, new Citizens receive mostly random Traits. Traits can affect how that Citizen plays as an Avatar in the Express Delivery game mode. Traits include increased rewards, decreased bus fare, additional time to complete deliveries, and many more! You can read the full list in the Basic Traits guide.

sample Citizen Traits in MegaWorld
sample Citizen Traits in MegaWorld

What is Express Delivery?

Express Delivery is a game mode within MegaWorld that has two basic parts — creating delivery orders, and completing delivery orders. Owners of Energy, Production, and Industrial buildings can create delivery quests for players. The more quests that are completed for a building, the bigger the production bonus — potentially as high as 75%! The building owner also sets a fee that they are willing to pay, in MEGA tokens. Players in the 3D world can look up available deliveries at any time using their phone, and then choose to accept and complete as many as they want.

Deliveries involve traveling from one building to another. But, some destinations may lie in other districts, requiring players to use public transportation (which costs a small fee of MEGA tokens), to get there. Though players do also have the option of just grabbing the nearest vehicle and driving it away GTA style — you don’t even have to worry about being chased by the police!

For now deliveries all have fixed rewards. But, in a future update, the amount of rewards given will vary based on the time it took to complete the delivery.

This also ties into the recent building customization and rental feature. Players can accumulate as much Mega as they want in-game by doing deliveries. But, if they want to withdraw that Mega to cash out, they will need to have established residency by renting out a house or apartment.

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To learn more about MegaWorld, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

MegaWorld Express Delivery
plot a delivery route

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