io.net and Aethir Partner to Expand GPU Infrastructure for AI Computing

Leading decentralized computing technology provider io.net has announced a major GPU infrastructure expansion in collaboration with a leading enterprise-grade AI-focused GPU-as-a-service provider Aethir. This announcement represents a turning point in io.net’s ongoing efforts to improve blockchain and AI compute capabilities.

Over 300 NVIDIA H100 GPUs from Aethir have been integrated into io.net’s rapidly expanding network during the first phase of the deployment. Before the end of May, Aethir and IO will work together to deploy 1,000 H100 GPUs, triple the combined total number of H100s accessible from Web3 rivals like Akash and greatly increasing computational capability for its customers.

NVIDIA H100 GPUs, which are among the most powerful available today, are designed to handle demanding activities like AI training and large-scale computational simulations with improved speed and efficiency. This advancement not only fortifies io.net’s service offerings but also solidifies the company’s standing in the fiercely competitive field of decentralized computing networks.

Ahmad Shadid, CEO of io.net stated:

“This expansion represents an important leap forward for io.net as we continue to advance the field of decentralized computing. The additional GPU capacity will enable our growing user base – which includes a considerable number of machine learning engineers – to tackle more complex and demanding computational tasks, aligning with our commitment to continuous innovation and unrivaled UX.”

The expansion follows the recent announcement that io.net and cloud computing infrastructure company Aethir have partnered. The two, who teamed together in April, have a combined 640,000 GPUs. Their objective is to make supercomputing capacity more locally and affordably available while also democratizing and decentralizing AI infrastructure.

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Aethir CEO Daniel Wang stated:

“The ever-evolving field of AI demands ever-increasing raw GPU power to fuel its groundbreaking advancements. With Aethir’s supply of NVIDIA H100s, we empower AI and machine learning enterprises to launch and operate groundbreaking AI platforms. With our GPUs and IO’s innovative clustering solution, this collaboration unleashes a GPU cloud computing powerhouse. This isn’t just about powering today’s AI products; it’s about enabling developers and enterprises to efficiently scale and launch the AI solutions of tomorrow.”

This specific strategic partnership combines the vast decentralized computing infrastructure of io.net with the cutting-edge GPU resources of Aethir, which include more than 4,000 cutting-edge NVIDIA H100 GPUs.

With an eye toward the future, io.net is dedicated to ongoing expansion and technical advancement in the rapidly changing field of decentralized computing. The organization is committed to making sure that its cutting-edge network can adapt to the changing requirements of its customers, many of whom are looking for more affordable, scalable distributed clusters than what similar centralized services have to offer.

As the preferred choice for AI and machine learning companies, Aethir is demonstrating its commitment to decentralized GPU cloud computing by integrating a new batch of H100 GPUs with io.net’s infrastructure. The rapidly developing field of artificial intelligence is headed toward exponential growth, and Aethir’s emerging decentralized cloud computing infrastructure provides the means to foster AI innovation and development on a worldwide basis.

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