Integrity Verifier Improves Starknet’s Scalability By Introducing Layer 3 (L3) Appchains

Starknet, a Layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum, has taken a monumental step towards hyperscaling. Partnering with StarkWare, Herodotus has unveiled the Integrity Verifier, a groundbreaking tool that enhances Starknet’s scalability by introducing Layer 3 (L3) appchains. This innovation is expected to significantly reduce transaction costs while bolstering security.

Appchains are specialized blockchains designed for specific applications, offering tailored scaling solutions. StarkWare pioneered appchains as a new scaling approach, which can function as private Layer 2 (L2) chains directly settling data on Ethereum (L1) or as Layer 3 (L3) chains settling data on Starknet (L2).

Unlike generalized L2 networks, appchains are app-specific rollups that inherit the security of the underlying layer. This layered structure enhances the compression benefits of each layer’s proofs. If each layer reduces costs by 1,000 times, for instance, L3 chains could offer a reduction of 1,000,000-fold over L1, all while maintaining robust security.

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