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Improvements to Solana Following The ‘Kiss of Death’


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Ahhhh, the ‘kiss of death.’

The simple idea that something is so popular, it breaks.

(Typically seen during Black Friday sales, or when Kate Middleton wears a new outfit).

In Solana’s case, it’s been the popularity of meme coins on the Solana chain that have resulted in a huge spike in transactions over the past few weeks.

So many transactions, that some of them have recently started to fail (coinciding with a drop in the value of SOL, and a loss of trust in the chain).

The good news is that the Solana dev team called ‘Anza’ announced overnight that an initial fix for the congestion issues had been released.

On one hand, it was great that they were able to move quickly and deploy at least half a fix.

Then again, with relatively new blockchain solutions like Base entering the space and doing a great job to support a ton of memecoin traffic, Solana will need to keep up to maintain it’s dominance.

As Anza works to build more solutions to Solana’s network congestion issues, the BTC halving clock continues to tick.

Let’s hope they’re ready for more transaction volume when the bull bounces back.

(Otherwise they may just find people go elsewhere)!

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