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If Nvidia and AWS Had a Web3 Baby…


  • A new decentralized marketplace for GPU power is being built, giving users access to 20-30x more GPU compute power compared to existing solutions.

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This is like if Nvidia and Amazon Web Services (AWS) had a baby on the blockchain…

Confused? Same.

Let’s break things down, starting here:

You know how Nvidia started the year off at a whopping 1 trillion dollar valuation…then by March, it was worth a cool $2.2T??

You know why that happened? Cause folks want GPUs to run all sorts of AI models, games, crypto mining rigs, etc. — and Nvidia makes GPUs.

But that extra $1T in extra market value isn’t a sign of a healthy business as much as it is a resource constrained industry. Cause right now, all the GPU producers in the world cannot make enough chips to meet demand.

To get around the resource bottleneck — some businesses rent their compute power from the likes of AWS, which is an awesome service, but highly centralized and also suffers from the same resource constraints.

Which is why this new partnership between Aethir and Theta EdgeCloud caught our eye…

They’re essentially taking the Uber approach of ‘You have [constrained resource]? Join our network and earn money by sharing it.’

In Ubers case, it was spare seats in cars. In Aethir and Theta EdgeCloud’s case, it’s GPU power.

Not only will this new marketplace use blockchain to process payments and delegate GPU access, but it will also provide developers and enterprises with — get this:

Access to 20-30x more GPU compute power compared to existing solutions.

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For new technology to really take hold — it can’t simply be ‘just as good’ as existing solutions — it needs to be way better.

And it looks like this new GPU marketplace may just tick those boxes.

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