Founder’s Packs for WAGMI Games Arriving on OpenSea -September 27th

The Founder’s Packs will be released on September 27th exclusively through NFT marketplace OpenSea, according to the community-powered Web3 entertainment franchise WAGMI Games.

Gadget-Bot, the design firm responsible for the iconic looks in Transformers 4, Jurassic World, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty, collaborated with WAGMI Games to produce the Founder’s Packs. Each of the 10,000 Founder’s Packs is an unopened deck of cards including a playable character from the plot of WAGMI Defense, WAGMI Games’ first mobile game. The Founder’s Packs’ narrative and cast of characters will be included into the dynamically expanding and interconnected WAGMI Games world.

After unpacking their cards in WAGMI Defence, players may use and level up their characters. The principal collection on OpenSea is particularly hyper-deflationary in nature since Founder’s Packs are permanently burned and taken out of circulation once they are opened. As players open and burn their Founder’s Packs, the initial 10,000 NFTs are anticipated to decrease.

Immutable and Rarible, two layer-2 marketplaces, will provide trading of cards, while the OpenSea platform will support trading of Founder’s Pack NFTs that have not been opened. Before the mobile game’s official debut worldwide, those who minted and disclosed Founder’s Packs will have instant access to the beta version of WAGMI Defense.

“We’re super excited to introduce this collection of one time cards that are a testament to the excitement that is card collecting in WAGMI Defense. And with the evolving of these cards into new rarities the supply becomes less and less which makes them more unique, special and rarer over time.” stated Luis Trujillo, Co-founder of WAGMI Games.

With the introduction of Founder’s Packs, WAGMI Games hopes to recreate the thrill of unwrapping collectable cards in digital format. Players are encouraged to put together a full collection of all 32 Legendary card types that are available, with each pack including a mixture of Rare, Epic, and Legendary forms of the Founder’s cards.

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The release of the Founder’s Packs comes after WAGMI Games’ collaboration with OpenSea, which is a key component of WAGMI’s effort to “revolutionize” the NFT industry by establishing new standards for creativity, marketing, and practicality. New NFT collections, such as the NiFe Wars comics, will be created by WAGMI that will straddle the boundary between NFTs and digital storytelling.

The WAGMI Games Founder’s Packs now have its own page on OpenSea which has been launched by the marketplace, and WAGMI Games’ website has more information on the mint.

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