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Diesel’s New Vert Collection Merges Fashion with Web3 and NFTs

Fashion brand Diesel is extending its Web3 initiative, Metamorph, with the launch of a new watch collection called Vert. This collection is unique in that it offers a corresponding NFT for each timepiece purchased. Developed in collaboration with Web3 creative agency Artificial Rome, the initiative aims to blend the physical and digital realms in an innovative manner.

Glenn Martens, Diesel’s Creative Director, revealed that the Vert collection draws its inspiration from “vertebrae” and “bone structure.” The collection features five distinct watch designs, two of which are limited editions. The watches showcase intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail, reflecting the anatomical elements that inspired them.

A Three-Stage Transformation

Upon purchasing a Vert watch, customers will receive a code to register for a corresponding NFT. This digital asset will undergo a three-stage transformation to eventually become an avatar, referred to as A:VERT:AR. 

This avatar can be minted and used in a virtual world, also named Vert. The virtual world will be accessible until November 17, offering a limited-time experience for participants. The aesthetics of this digital realm are closely aligned with the design elements of the Vert watch, providing a cohesive user experience.

Virtual Challenges and Musical Collaborations

In the Vert virtual world, participants are tasked with various challenges that aim to “reactivate time in a fictional land where time has stopped.” Successfully completing these quests grants users access to a virtual concert by artist Lil’ Dre. This musical feature is part of Diesel’s ongoing collaboration with NFT music marketplace Public Pressure

In a previous partnership last month, Diesel released a limited edition of 300 NFTs that included a soundtrack by composer Sejan Jansen and access to exclusive music events. Owners of these earlier NFTs were given priority access to the limited edition watches in the new Vert collection.

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A Multi-Faceted Approach to Web3 Integration

Diesel’s new Vert collection represents a multi-layered approach to integrating Web3 technology into the fashion industry. By offering NFTs that transform into avatars for use in a virtual world, Diesel is not only selling a physical product but also providing a digital experience. 

This initiative serves as an example of how brands can leverage Web3 technologies to offer value-added services to their customers, thereby enriching the consumer experience in both the physical and digital domains.

Diesel’s collaboration with Artificial Rome and Public Pressure further underscores the brand’s commitment to exploring the possibilities of Web3, setting a precedent for future initiatives in the fashion industry.

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