CryptoPunks leads daily NFT sales with over US$1.39 million

CryptoPunks dominated the non-fungible token (NFT) market with a US$1.39 million daily sales volume on May 12, according to CryptoSlam data.

Most of those sales came from CryptoPunk 741, which sold for almost US$800,000 at the Larva Labs marketplace. The NFT’s last on-chain sale occurred seven years ago, for US$400.

CryptoPunk 741 is now the eighth-highest-valued CryptoPunk in the collection.

The second-ranking collection for the day was DMarket, which operates on Mythos Chain, a blockchain specialized for Web3 gaming applications. Dmarket had US$945,383 in daily sales, the third consecutive day above the US$900,000 mark.

Sunday’s sales total follows a monthly high of over US$970,000 on Friday.

DMarket’s all-time sales volume now stands at US$427.16 million.

NodeMonkes, the all-time leader among Bitcoin collections, claimed the third spot with sales of US$565,277, a decrease from the previous day’s US$1.21 million.

Outside the top three in the NFT market, Pudgy Penguins saw a daily sales volume of US$473,136, and $CORE BRC-20 NFTs, recorded US$450,912.

Solana Monkey Business, on the Solana blockchain, reported sales of US$429,598 for the day’s sixth spot, followed by $LTC+ BRC-20 NFTs, Mad Lads, and $π BRC-20 NFTs.

Sunday’s sales pushed the Ethereum blockchain, home to the CryptoPunks collection, to the top of the blockchain rankings for NFT sales.

The network reported a total sales volume of US$5.24 million on Sunday, a 25.6% increase from US$4.17 million the previous day.

The Bitcoin blockchain trailed behind with US$5.08 million in daily sales, as Solana posted US$2.67 million.

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