Circle CCTP Is Now Live On Layer 2 Base Testnet

Circle CCTP Supports USDC with Cross-Chain Transfers

Circle CCTP introduces a groundbreaking method for securely transferring USDC between different blockchain networks through a native destruction and minting process. While the protocol is currently in its testing phase, it holds immense promise for the crypto community.

Once Circle CCTP goes live on the Base mainnet, it will allow developers and users to transfer USDC from Ethereum to various supported blockchains without requiring permission. As of now, Circle CCTP supports secure USDC transfers through 12 distinct routes, including Ethereum, Avalanche, Arbitrum, and Optimism. In the coming weeks, the network will expand to include Base and Noble, increasing the available routes to a total of 30.

CCTP: Empowering Permissionless USDC Movement Across Blockchains

This innovative protocol serves as a permissionless on-chain utility that burns native USDC tokens on the source chain and mints an equivalent amount on the destination chain. Developers can integrate CCTP into their applications, offering users a highly secure and capital-efficient means of transferring USDC across different blockchain ecosystems. This development is a significant step towards a unified and mainstream Web3.

Notably, Circle had previously announced its plans to implement CCTP in collaboration with Noble, a Cosmos-based token protocol, at the Cosmoverse conference, further enhancing the protocol’s potential impact on the crypto landscape.

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