Buy Upland NFTs to Help Build Playgrounds

In an interesting meeting of the digital world and real life, Upland will be launching a special NFT collection to fundraise for KABOOM, a non-profit that builds playgrounds in underserved neighborhoods across the United States!

Upland continues to expand their presence. This time they bringin a real life non-profit, KABOOM, with an announcement about an upcoming sale for Playground NFTs.

This NFT collection will consist of 1,800 Playgrounds that owners can use to decorate their properties. Income from this NFT sale will go directly to KABOOM, with 10% taken by Upland as a transactional fee. KABOOM has been around for 25 years, and in that time has transformed over 17,000 playspaces! So this is certainly a worthy cause. Who can hate on playgrounds?!

There will be five distinct playground designs in the NFT collection, though we haven’t gotten to see any of them yet. We also don’t know the price for these NFTs, or even when they will go on sale!

Stay tuned to the Upland social channels for future updates about this Playground sale.

More About Upland?

Upland is a free to play, property trading and city-building game on the WAX blockchain where players can explore cities, collect properties and meet other players. The play-to-earn game is available on Android, iOS, and the Web. 

Players earn passive UPX, the game currency, just by owning properties. They also receive income anytime another player “sends” themselves to an owned property. In addition, players can complete Collections in-game by owning specific properties (five properties in the same city, for example). These provide a one-time UPX payout and then a passive boost to UPX earning as long as you maintain that Collection. Players can also buy UPX tokens directly from Upland.

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In addition there are various events, competitions, treasure hunts, and other activities where players can earn UPX as well.

Upland has expanded greatly over time, now encompassing more than a dozen cities. They have introduced plot customization, allowing players to construct buildings and decorate their properties in a number of different ways. Players can also own shops, selling their own, customized Block Explorers in-game!

To learn more about Upland, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

watching a stream in an Upland Cafe
watching a stream in an Upland Cafe

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