Big Time Releases Major Patch

The latest patch for Big Time arrives, and with it a laundry list of changes, updating many aspects of the game. And since this is such a major update, player data has been wiped as well. Players can now experience all the updated content as a young champion again!

A major update dropped onto Big Time today, bringing with it a long list of changes. In fact, since this update includes so many changes, all player data has been wiped as well! That means that everyone’s in-game stats, levels, and skills have been reset to their starting points. And while this is not an uncommon process in early game development, some players may still be annoyed at losing their progress.

However, Big Time has revamped nearly all of the adventure experiences, so playing through them again might feel like a completely fresh start! Adventure changes include updated visuals, rebalanced encounters, and even some new Boss monsters. There is also a new questline involving Benjamin Franklin!

In addition, every character class received at least one new ability, with some classes receiving several! Over a dozen new abilities in all, with new powers such as Threatening Roar and Ice Shield now available to players.

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What else is in Patch 0.27?

Patch 0.27 also brings new objectives to the game, such as the Quantic Convergence and the Unfed Pendulum. The interface has seen some updates, including the separation of crafting materials into their own section of the inventory. There is also now a larger version of mini-map available.

And for those who like a challenge, patch 0.27 introduces Nightmare dungeons. These dungeons not only have more enemies and more danger, but they also offer players fewer opportunities for rest and recuperation. But, as reward for facing this difficult challenge, players receive double the loot at the end of the dungeon, and more treasure chests scattered throughout.

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There is a lot to absorb with this update. Be sure to read the full list of official patch notes to stay informed.

Big Time

Big Time Early Access

Big Time is still in early access status. To be able to participate in the Big Time early access playtest, you need to either own a Big Time Space, or a Pass. Passes come in several varieties — Silver, Jade, Gold, and Ruby. Silver Jade, and Gold Passes must be purchased from secondary markets.

Ruby Passes are given out by Big Time Ambassadors. These are community members who stream the game and give out Passes during their streams. You can find a list of them in the Big Time Discord. Big Time also holds giveaways for Ruby Passes as well.

What is Big Time?

Big Time is a fantasy, MMORPG, dungeon crawler game. Players can adventure in teams of up to six players or head out of their own. The action is fast-paced, with players often wading through large groups of enemies. The adventures are instanced, only available to the current party. Each one generally includes a number of objectives with a big boss to defeat at the end.

Big Time features the usual trio of tank, healer, damage dealer, with four classes to choose from — Time Warrior, Quantum Fixer, Chronomancer, and Shadow Blade. And though the adventures are exclusive to the party, there is an open social hub with merchants and such.

Players can find NFT items on adventures, or craft them using their SPACE, a crafting/housing NFT. Players can customize the items they find to enhance the stats that the player prefers.

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Big Time has an interesting system that allows players to level up with multiple classes. Players have Pocket Watches, which keep track of their progress in each class. Players can use these watches to switch classes at any time. This lets players experience all of the different characters, without the annoyance of logging in and out and maintaining separate inventories.

Big Time is currently in closed alpha, available to those with Silver, Gold, and Ruby Passes, and anyone who owns a SPACE NFT. They do hold regular giveaways for passes on their social media channels.

For a full review and guide, read our Big Time review here. You can also visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat.

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