Artfi opens Genesis Pass NFT whitelist for public registration, 25,000+ sign up

Artfi, the art technology company, has thrown open the doors to its Genesis Pass NFT whitelist, ushering in a new era in the world of fractionalized art ownership.

Over 25,000 art enthusiasts have already joined this whitelist, eagerly anticipating the first release of tokenized art.

Unlocking fractionalized art ownership

Artfi’s Genesis Pass is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) that holds the key to acquiring fractions of iconic art pieces, beginning with Sacha Jafri’s ‘The Six Elements’ collection. This innovative approach enables art collectors to hold a stake in highly sought-after artworks, expanding ownership and liquidity in the art market.

The ‘Sacha Jafri’s ‘The Six Elements’ Collection’: Jafri’s masterpiece is born from a collaboration with Rolls Royce, resulting in six paintings representing the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Wind, and Humanity. The collection has been divided into 10,000 fractions, each of which will be distributed to Genesis Pass holders. In addition to fractional ownership, pass holders will receive a free token airdrop and access to future fractionalized art sales hosted on the Artfi platform.

Jafri’s Choice to Democratize Art: Sacha Jafri, the artist known for the world’s largest canvas, the ‘Journey of Humanity,’ which sold for $62 million in 2021, has embraced Artfi’s mission to democratize art. He sees Artfi as a platform to open the doors of his art to a wider audience. “The Six Elements” marks Jafri’s first foray into fractionalized art, and he believes this approach allows thousands of people to own a part of his artistic soul.

Artfi aim to transform the art market

Artfi is on a mission to transform the $1.7 trillion fine art market. Through blockchain technology and NFTs, they provide collectors with the ability to diversify their portfolios and access the exclusive blue-chip fine art market.

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Artfi’s use of the Polygon blockchain ensures speed, security, and ease of transaction. In the realm of art, Artfi’s innovative approach bridges the gap between art lovers and iconic works, making it a game-changer in the art industry.

The Genesis Pass whitelist is currently open for registration, with the public sale of Genesis Passes scheduled for October 2023.

As the Genesis Pass whitelist continues to attract art enthusiasts, it’s a testament to the growing interest in fractionalized art ownership, where art is no longer confined to the elite but becomes a shared experience for all.

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