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A Secret Crypto Research Tool (Hidden in Plain Sight)


  • Grok, the AI built into X (formerly Twitter), is a secret crypto research tool (its trained on Twitter/X content, which is how many crypto trends start).

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Ok, we’ve kept this to ourselves long enough.

(And by long enough, we mean roughly two weeks after we heard about it on the Blockworks podcast network).

Grok, the AI built into the premium suite of services on X (formerly Twitter), is a secret crypto research tool hidden in plain sight.

The vast majority of crypto proponents (big and small) have chosen X as their platform of choice to share their thoughts, insights, and research.

So much so that this collective mindshare is affectionately referred to as ‘Crypto Twitter.’

And guess what Grok is trained on? Twitter content.

Which means when you ask Grok a crypto-specific question, it searches through a range of recent, highly-engaged upon posts to give what we’ve found to be surprisingly accurate answers (time stamps and all).

Check out the header image for this article ☝️ we double checked its research against the official CoinGecko Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) rankings, just to be sure:

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