XRP Army’s Positive Outlook: Insights on Staying Bullish Beyond Ripple’s Crossovers

Despite market corrections in September, XRP has shown resilience. Its price has been upward since mid-September, stabilizing after earlier volatility. After a dip at the beginning of the month, XRP traded between $0.49 and $0.51 before another slight dip. Since then, it has been steadily recovering and gaining strength.

However, the notable dip in XRP charts suggests a potential trend reversal. This could lead to a devaluation of the coin, testing the trendline before a potential breakdown. At the same time, many are hesitating to invest in XRP after the controversy of Ripple not choosing XRP in the liquidity pool. One analyst stood firm. here’s why? 

Analyst Charts Out His Bullish Reasons for XRP Investment

Prominent crypto author Panos Mekras has taken a stand in defense of his investment in XRP, shedding light on what he sees as the cryptocurrency’s intrinsic value. In a recent statement, Mekras pointed out two key factors that underscore his bullish outlook on XRP. Firstly, he emphasized the utility of XRP in the payment landscape, highlighting its efficiency and speed in facilitating transactions. This attribute, he believes, positions XRP as a valuable asset in the world of digital payments.

Secondly, Mekras lauded the technology underpinning XRP, the XRP Ledger (XRPL). This decentralized ledger system provides a secure and efficient platform for processing transactions. Its robustness and scalability are features that, according to Mekras, contribute significantly to XRP’s potential.

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Furthermore, Mekras expressed confidence in the rock-strong community formed around XRP. He highlighted the numerous developers and projects actively contributing to the growth and improvement of the XRP ecosystem. In his view, this collective effort solidifies XRP’s position in the broader cryptocurrency landscape.

These remarks were prompted by a critical tweet that accused Ripple, the company closely associated with XRP, of pursuing profit-driven motives at the expense of XRP investors. The critic contended that Ripple encourages the long-term holding of XRP tokens while allegedly profiting from token sales. This, they suggested, ultimately benefits Ripple’s executives, allowing them to indulge in extravagant purchases.

In response, Mekras delineated XRP’s value proposition from Ripple’s business activities. He urged the XRP community to look beyond Ripple and draw confidence from the broader ecosystem’s innovations rather than fixating on Ripple’s specific actions or announcements. This perspective places Mekras firmly in the camp of those who see XRP’s potential as a digital asset that transcends the actions of any single entity.

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