The Vision Behind WAGMI Games: An Interview with Chief Gaming Officer Luis Trujillo

WAGMI Games is set on transforming the conventional gaming scene, putting control back in the hands of gamers, and establishing itself as a top-tier Web3 gaming franchise. We had the opportunity to speak with their Chief Gaming Officer, Luis Trujillo, a visionary in the field, about WAGMI’s mission, achievements, and plans for the future. Luis offers a comprehensive look at what can make WAGMI Games a trendsetter in the evolving Web3 gaming world, from reducing onboarding friction in the space to plans for a transmedia universe. 

Could you start by giving us an overview of what WAGMI Games is all about?

The core of who we are is gamers, and story tellers. We are creating IP that will thrive in games, in comics, anime and even collectibles but ultimately, it’s the stories that capture the minds of a generation of gamers. Steve Jobs said it best, “The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values, and agenda of an entire generation that is to come…”

In the last few months, WAGMI Games has accomplished a lot. Can you provide a quick recap for those new to the WAGMI community?

I always say this about the team and it stands true..we work day and night. Over the last few months, we’ve made a lot of progress in terms of listings on exchanges which allows more people to access our ecosystem. We’ve introduced our cast of 12 main characters that will play a central role in our stories, and we’ve onboarded more AAA talent to ensure we are putting out the best product on the market. 

Your team is working on reducing onboarding friction and crypto wallet requirements for those new to Web3 gaming. Can you tell us more about these barriers and how you plan to overcome them?

Well, most games, as they stand, require you to create a login, then a wallet, and then they create giant paywalls that, frankly, most gamers just aren’t motivated to go through. We have preached from the very beginning before smooth onboarding was a mainstream narrative that gamers want to get in the game and trade amongst each other with items they own. Our process creates their wallet and jumps them right into the game. 

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WAGMI Games is not just about one game but aims to be an expansive ‘Transmedia (R)evolution’. Can you tell us more about this?

What’s really lacking in Web3 is IP that can transcend just one media format and if you look at the universe that we’re building, you can see we’ve carefully crafted the look and feel of the characters to appeal to a wide audience. In addition, the stories behind the characters and the universe they live in, where they have to defend Earth against an alien invasion, is what will draw in audiences and keep them wanting more. 

Could you share some details about the game WAGMI Defence? Are there any plans for more game titles from WAGMI in the future?

WAGMI Defense is our first title, and it’s a very competitive 3mn loop that’s PvP that mixes elements of Clash Royale, the collectibility of Pokemon as well as some of the strategy from Command & Conquer with a Sci-Fi twist. We hope to build from this game and hopefully create something that can transcend not just Web3 but possibly even AR for the next title. It’s a fluid situation, so we’ll see.

How important is community engagement for WAGMI Games, and what steps are you taking to build a strong community?

Community in gaming is everything. Period. If you don’t have people that love your game and support it and share with friends, then you are dead in the water. We, from the beginning, have built a very strong foundation with our community by holding weekly AMAs, listening to their feedback in terms of what’s in the game, and we always make sure they feel heard. Community building isn’t that hard when you really care about what your community has to say. When they feel heard, they will support you. 

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How can the recent key appointments of Esteban Gil and Brent Pease help transform WAGMI and Web3 gaming?

I’ve talked to both of these guys extensively, and they both bring a level of knowledge that spans some of the most successful mobile games as well as across different gaming companies. They have already transformed us into an elite team of game developers by introducing fresh ideas, new processes, and key introductions to their networks. Having an amazing team is key to building a successful company. 

WAGMI Game Genesis on OpenSea

Can you tell us more about the collaboration with Gadget-Bot and the possibilities for character development and storytelling within the Web3 landscape?

This partnership came about a few months ago and was instrumental in helping delve deeper into the WAGMI character lineup. We were able to really dig deep and advance not only the stories of the characters but the look. We looked at all aspects, even down to the detail of what they wear and why they wear certain items. No stone was left unturned in portraying the story through these characters. I think they’re so amazing that they could be in anime at this point. 

What do you think the future holds for Web3 gaming, and how does WAGMI Games plan to shape that future?

Web3 gaming unlocks hidden value via ownership and trading digital collectibles. Now, all the time gamers spend in games can have something to show for it, aka digital collectibles that can be traded or simply just kept in their wallet to remember. WAGMI Games will shape the future by creating a universe within our IP that is both compelling and is something players in our games want to own. 

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Before we wrap up, what would be your message to gamers who are new to the concept of Web3 games?

My message is simple: Remember all those items you earned in all of your games where you spent many many hours to get? Web3 allows you to own them and trade them with friends, which is a big reason you should at least give it an honest try. 

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