The Sandbox Metaverse Welcomes User-Created Content!

Step into The Sandbox’s metaverse with the welcoming of user-created content. By the end of 2023, the public will have the power to host and run their very own experiences. So, what can you create in The Sandbox Metaverse?


  • The Sandbox Metaverse is taking a major leap forward, welcoming user-created content in its metaverse vision. By the end of 2023, you can host and run your own experiences within The Sandbox.
  • With more controlled releases, any creator can publish their experiences and join the early access launch. 
  • Unleash your creativity with the user-friendly Game Maker tool. In addition, users can explore exciting experiences like McNuggets Land with fabulous prizes.
Still from The Sandbox
The Sandbox Metaverse Introduces User-Created Content

The Sandbox Metaverse Embraces User-Created Content 

Get ready for a major leap forward in The Sandbox’s metaverse vision! The doors are now opening wide to welcome user-created content, making it an exciting time for all creators out there. By the end of 2023, The Sandbox plans to empower the public with the ability to host and run their very own experiences within the metaverse.

Until now, users had the chance to explore carefully controlled experiences in The Sandbox, thanks to partner projects. However, the ultimate goal was always to grant everyone who owns a plot of land the creative freedom to publish their own gaming or social experiences. With the latest announcement, they’re finally taking a significant step towards fulfilling that vision.

Creators can now also publish their experiences and create landing pages. To join the early access launch, they simply submit a request for permission. Once accepted, experience creators can open their creations to the public and even decide whether to charge an entrance fee or require ownership of specific NFTs for entry.

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If you own a land plot in The Sandbox, you can get creative using the official Game Maker tool. While it may have a few limitations, clever users have already built some astonishing interactive experiences with it. 

Exciting new experiences are also awaiting you in The Sandbox Metaverse. McDonald’s has come to The Sandbox with McNuggets Land, a game where players can dive into the world of fast food delights, learn about the legendary dipping sauces, and complete quests for a chance to win fabulous prizes. Prizes include 100K SAND tokens, Mystery Boxes, and even a year’s supply of free McNuggets! 

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