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The Pet Collective’s 45 Million Fans Gain New Web3 Access with Theta

The Pet Collective, a TMB brand celebrated for its pet-centric media, has partnered with Theta Labs to launch a new Web3 feature. The feature allows users to access exclusive video content through utility NFTs. This collaborative effort directly integrates Theta Labs’ patented Web3 Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology into The Pet Collective’s website via an NFT Unlock Page.

Theta Labs: Pioneering Web3 DRM Technology

Theta Labs, known for its advanced video and entertainment blockchain technology, has its patented Web3 DRM technology as the backbone of this partnership. Mitch Liu, CEO of Theta Labs, stated, “Our technology not only adapts well within The Pet Collective’s platforms but also creates new avenues for content creators to connect with audiences.”

The Pet Collective: A Growing Media Empire

The Pet Collective reaches tens of millions of pet lovers across multiple streaming platforms, including Samsung TV Plus, Vizio WatchFree, Pluto TV, and even IMDb TV. Jacob Salamon, Vice President of Business Development at TMB, commented, “Integrating Theta’s technology was straightforward and it enriches our platform with exclusive content that’s easy to access.”

Users can freely explore this new feature by visiting The Pet Collective’s NFT Unlock Page, indicating a new level of interaction for the brand’s expansive community.

The collaboration between Theta Labs and The Pet Collective marks a notable shift in content consumption. It provides added value and boosts engagement within the expansive Pet Collective community, affecting how content creators and consumers interact in an evolving media world.

Theta’s Content Monetization and Security

Theta has integrated NFT capabilities into its Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology via its Video API. This enhancement not only allows for the monetization of content but also provides robust protection for intellectual property and digital rights. Essentially, the DRM functionality permits content creators to release videos safeguarded by Theta’s patented DRM technology.

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By offering DRM-enabled NFTs, Theta empowers content creators with the flexibility to turn their content into unique digital assets. This opens avenues for enhanced fan engagement and setting up NFT-based loyalty programs. Moreover, creators can specify the conditions under which their content is accessible by offering exclusive access to those who own these NFTs.

On a related note, Theta has introduced Studio DRM to its Video API. Tailored for Hollywood movie studios, Studio DRM aims to deliver an elevated level of security that helps prevent film leaks. The feature allows studios to manage viewer access based on existing copyright licenses, limit content playback, and thwart unauthorized distribution.

By incorporating these features, Theta continues offering solutions that aim to balance content monetization and digital rights protection.

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