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One-Click Sign up (For Literally Anything Online)


  • Galxe Identity Protocol is paving the way for privacy preserving ‘one-click sign up’ processes across all web platforms (from banks, to social platforms, and beyond).

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We’ve talked about zk-proofs in the context of financial transactions a BUNCH of late…

Zk-proofs are the ‘friend in common’ of the crypto world.

What does that mean?

Say you’re looking for a new roommate → you post on a local Facebook group → someone replies…

Your first move? Check to see if you have any friends in common that you can use to vet your new potential co-habitant.

You can ask your ‘friend in common’ — “Hey, is this person going to try and murder me in my sleep? (Cause I can’t have that happening…not again).”

And your friend in common can give a binary yes/no answer.

Zk-proofs let platforms ask financially relevant questions like “Is this person over X age? Do they have good credit?” — getting yes/no answers in return (while keeping the user’s exact D.O.B. and credit score private).

…which is cool and all — but what if this tech grew beyond the crypto-financial niche?

Looks like we’re about to find out thanks to the Galxe Identity Protocol, which aims to make zk-proofs a standard across the broader web.

Here’s why that’s relevant to you:

This could turn every sign up page into a one-click experience.

Whether its for a new bank account (where you’re required to provide photo I.D, a social security number, D.O.B, and home address), or social platform (where you’re typically prompted for a full name, email, and D.O.B.)…

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Zk-proofs would allow you to provide it all in a one-time verification process, and from there on out just ‘click to verify’ (while preserving your privacy) any time you sign up for something online.

Oh, and added bonus: it’d pretty much mean the end of common identity theft.

Godspeed Galxe.

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