Manta Network Joins Cyberport’s Incubation Program to Drive Innovation in Digital Tech

Manta Network, a leading modular blockchain for zero-knowledge (ZK) applications, has announced its inclusion in Cyberport, Hong Kong’s premier digital technology flagship and entrepreneurship incubator. Managed by the Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited, a wholly-owned entity of the Hong Kong SAR Government, Cyberport is a highly selective program that serves as a launchpad for innovative tech startups.

🇭🇰 @MantaNetwork joins Hong Kong’s exclusive digital technology flagship and incubator, Cyberport.

Manta continues its commitment to expansion in Asia through this program. With resources from HK’s Cyberport, Manta will establish a strong local presence.https://t.co/OWVpj5MLxz

— Manta Network (🔱,🔱) #MantaRenewParadigm (@MantaNetwork) April 15, 2024

Manta Network’s entry into Cyberport signifies a strategic move towards expanding its footprint in the Asian Web3 ecosystem. With Cyberport’s extensive resources and support, Manta Network aims to explore and develop real-world applications in finance, education, and other traditional sectors, effectively bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 technologies.

Kenny Li, cofounder of Manta Network, expressed gratitude for Cyberport’s support, stating, “Cyberport has been very generous in sharing its resources to push Manta in the right direction for strategic growth in Hong Kong and greater Asia. We’re honored to be accepted into this prestigious program, especially as a showcase of our commitment to expansion in Hong Kong.”

Facilitating Web3 Adoption with Core Technologies

Manta Network brings to the table its core technologies, including Manta AI, to facilitate the adoption of novel use cases for traditional businesses in Hong Kong and beyond. The company’s modular L2 ecosystem, Manta Pacific, is designed for EVM-native ZK applications and dApps, promising low-cost and high-quality user experiences. By leveraging Manta’s Universal Circuits for ZK-as-a-Service and Celestia’s data availability for modularity, Manta Pacific offers an ideal environment for ZK-enabled applications, paving the way for innovative solutions in various industries.

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Founded by a team of experienced professionals from prestigious institutions such as Harvard, MIT, and Algorand, Manta Network has garnered investments from top Web3 investment funds including Binance Labs and Polychain Capital. The company has also participated in renowned Web3 accelerators like Alliance DAO and Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator. Manta Network is poised to usher in the next generation of Web3 applications with a focus on zero-knowledge technologies, marking a new chapter in the evolution of the digital landscape.

The Cyberport program will span over two years, focusing on research and development as well as general growth initiatives. Beginning in Hong Kong, the program aims to expand Manta Network’s reach across the rest of Asia. Manta Network plans to work closely with regulators to build sustainable and long-term use cases, with the program set to conclude in 2025.

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