Lace Wallet 1.6 Update: New Multi-Staking Features and UX Improvements


Back in April 2023, Input Output Global (IOG), the company primarily responsible for Cardano’s research and development, launched Lace 1.0. This light wallet platform for the Cardano mainnet offered users a range of features, such as seamless transactions of various Cardano digital assets like $ADA, NFTs, and native tokens. Users could also stake $ADA, engage with NFT marketplaces, DApps, and DeFi services, and benefit from a “bundle transaction” feature.

Now, the Lace team has rolled out version 1.6, introducing several new features and improvements.

Customize Your Multi-Staking Ratios

In the latest update, Lace 1.6 allows users to have greater control over their multi-staking activities. Users can now allocate varying percentages of their stakes to up to five different stake pools. This feature can be accessed through an easy-to-use interface by clicking on the “Manage” option. It enables users to adjust the ratios of their stake pools by either adding or subtracting a percentage.

Multi-Staking Made Simpler

The Lace team has focused on enhancing the user experience for multi-staking. Now, users can easily view all the pools they have selected at the top of the “Browse Pools” tab. Additionally, tooltips have been added to each column name, providing clarity on what each column represents.

Easier Recovery Phrase Setup

The update also brings improvements to the recovery phrase section within the settings. The directions have been made more straightforward, making it easier for users to read and use the recovery phrase feature.

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Bug Fixes in Multi-Staking

Lace 1.6 addresses several bugs related to multi-staking. The update ensures that funds from all addresses are correctly displayed after multi-staking activities. It also provides accurate calculations after a user removes a pool from their multi-staking selection. Moreover, any adjustments made to the screen in the multi-staking section are now more responsive. Lastly, the staking summary will no longer display $ADA rewards on the mainnet.

Security and Scam Awareness

As a reminder, the Lace wallet platform’s browser extension is only available on the Chrome web store. The official Lace website is www.lace.io.

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