Hatch a Bud in Sunflower Land

The first ever NFT mint is coming soon to Sunflower Land in the form of Buds, game companions that will help you on your farm! These Bud NFTs are considered the premiere NFT collection for Sunflower Land and come with a number of perks and bonuses.

Farming in Sunflower Land is about to get a little friendlier with the introduction of Buds, unique farming companions that will help out players with their farming production.

Buds are friendly, farming pets that are the first NFT mint for Sunflower Land. This collection numbers 5,000 in total. The Buds are a generative collection, with various random traits potentially providing in-game boosts to farming or resources gathering. Then are ten different types of Buds, with different Stem traits, Auras, and colors.

Buds not only provide production bonuses, but they also open up access to an exclusive guild hall in-game, and other locked areas. Buds are considered the premiere NFT collection for Sunflower Land. So don’t be surprised to see them receive other bonuses and perks in the future.

The mint begins on September 26th, 10am CDT on Open Sea, and runs in several phases. There are still a few days left, so you might be able to win yourself a whitelist spot somewhere if you look around. The cost for a Bud NFT begins at $69.99 for those with a guaranteed slot, up to $99.99 for public mints. There will also be 300 reserved for in-game auction in SFL tokens. Additionally, a few are reserved for future partnerships and giveaways.

What is Sunflower Land?

Sunflower Land is a free to play farming game, running on the Polygon network. But, in order to start playing, you must first mint a farm. The farm itself is free, but there is a network gas fee associated with the transaction. You will also need a web3 wallet such as Metamask or Sequence.

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Players begin the game with a small land plot and only the most basic seeds. But as they harvest and sell crops, new land will open up, as will options for growing more valuable crops and creating food with recipes. Players can also customize their farms with buildings and decorations.

Sunflower Farms includes seasonal content, with special items available that may not become available again. Players can also engage in quests, daily activities, and auctions, with new game features added on a regular basis. Future game options include additional resource harvesting such as fishing and raising farm animals.

To learn more about Sunflower Land, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

an auction in Sunflower Land
an auction in Sunflower Land

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