Gaming-Centric Blockchain Oasys Partners With LayerZero: Details

The joint infrastructure by the two teams will be used for NFTs and value transfer between various blockchains while accessing gaming mechanisms and designs.

Oasys teams up with LayerZero’s omnichain ecosystem

According to the official statement by the two teams, Oasys, the first-ever programmable blockchain tailored for gaming use cases, has entered into a long-term tech partnership with LayerZero Labs, a developer of omni-blockchain crypto and the NFT ecosystem.

LayerZero is live on @homeverse_games !

HOME Verse is the L2 of @oasys_games, offering an experience tailored to gamers and game developers. The network features high transaction speeds and zero gas fees, enabling users to enjoy a hassle-free gaming experience. pic.twitter.com/WHJscKiijl

— LayerZero Labs (@LayerZero_Labs) April 11, 2024

This announcement is a major milestone in the former’s 2024 Dragon Update, which focuses on enhancing interoperability across its gaming ecosystem. The integration of Oasys’s layer-2 HOME Verse with LayerZero is just the beginning, with plans to expand to the L1 Hub-Layer and other verses.

Oasys will also collaborate closely with Ubisoft, whose Champions Tactics™: Grimoria Chronicles will be the launch partner of the integration when it debuts on Oasys.

Daiki Moriyama, Director of Oasys, is excited by the importance of the collaboration for the entire gaming segment, for players, entrepreneurs and investors:

Our partnership with LayerZero is a game-changer for the blockchain gaming community. Providing a unique web3 gaming experience is essential to increase the number of players, and improving the interoperability of in-game assets is certainly one of our objectives.

Oasys will leverage LayerZero’s interoperability technology, including securely enhancing the blockchain gaming experience for gamers and NFT holders across chains.

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More blockchains to be integrated by Oasys

Bryan Pellegrino, cofounder and CEO of LayerZero Labs, stresses that cross-network interoperability will boost the experience of all actors within Oasys’s ecosystems:

LayerZero adding an Endpoint to Oasys is a major leap forward regarding the interoperability of in-game assets. LayerZero is focused on connecting communities and empowering players by making the games they love more accessible and enjoyable across different networks.

LayerZero facilitates the transfer of arbitrary data between chains in a permissionless, censorship-resistant and immutable manner. Its Omnichain Non-Fungible Token (ONFT) standard revolutionizes the minting and transfer of NFTs across all LayerZero-supported blockchains, eliminating the need for traditional methods like wrapping, middle-chaining and centralized bridges.

The widespread adoption of the ONFT Standard is significantly impacting the future of gaming in Web3 by facilitating smooth NFT transfers between different networks. LayerZero also enables the movement of fungible tokens via the Omnichain Fungible Token (OFT) standard.

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