FUD affects Bitcoin transactions, but is there change in the air?

  • Bitcoin’s trading activity was at a low as the market ventured deeper into uncertainty.
  • There may be a new wave of accumulation on the horizon.

It’s been almost two weeks since Bitcoin’s sideways price action, which signals that the market is still in a state of uncertainty. This is because the market is waiting for a clear sign indicating the next market move.

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The extent of this outcome in the market is clearly evident in Bitcoin’s metrics. Network activity slowed down considerably in the last few days and is particularly pronounced in transaction volume. The latter is now at its lowest level in the last three years, according to the latest Santiment analysis.

Low volume translates to fewer trades/transactions; hence, miner fees have tanked. While some may see this as a source of concern, it is quite common to see periods where the level of BTC trading activity drops, leading to sideways price action.

However, that is often followed by a surge in volume and a directional price move.

Bitcoin holder accumulation suggests that volatility is incoming

Although the market remained in limbo at press time, there was one particular metric that may offer insights into the next market move. The holder growth rate has historically been a reliable measure of Bitcoin cycles.

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The same holder metric recently retested the descending trend line, and was showing signs of slowing accumulation at the time of writing.

Speaking of accumulation, Bitcoin’s mean coin age has been steadily rising and was at a 6-month high at the time of publication. This confirmed that long-term hodling was still taking place.

Meanwhile. 24-hour active addresses declined sharply since mid-August, which aligned with the aforementioned decline in trading activity.

Bitcoin mean coin age and address activity

Source: Santiment

What should Bitcoin traders anticipate as August concludes?

Bitcoin’s sideways price action is usually followed by a resurgence of volatility. We could see that happen, especially at the start of August. However, the direction of that volatility remains a mystery.

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Nonetheless, Bitcoin was still oversold at press time, which suggested the likelihood that traders might buy in anticipation of a recovery.

On the other hand, the market is not out of the woods yet, especially after the U.S.’s recent statement suggesting that it might increase rates. This perfectly sums up the king coin’s stalemate and underscores the possibility of another crash.

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