Ethereum Gearing Up To Outperform Bitcoin Once More, Predicts Top Trader That Called May 2021 Crypto Collapse

A trader known for making a series of accurate calls says that Ethereum (ETH) looks like it may be setting up to outperform Bitcoin (BTC) as the longer-term trend continues.

Pseudonymous analyst and trader Dave the Wave tells his 140,000 followers on social media platform X that Ethereum versus Bitcoin (ETH/BTC) appears to be printing lower highs and lower lows, but a different picture forms when zooming out.


Careful of (shorter-term) hindsight bias – it’s a series of lower highs until it’s not.

The longer timeframe trumps the shorter…. and helps to predict future price action, which is what speculation is all about, as opposed to simply describing recent past price action…

Those captured by hindsight bias tend to be armchair critics, not actual speculators… Indeed, they may have the purist’s distaste for such…. having been burnt at the top.”

Source: Dave the Wave/X

Zooming out on a multi-year timeframe, Dave the Wave shows how ETH/BTC may in fact be near the end of a large wedge pattern, suggesting a breakout to the upside around the beginning of next year or so.

Source: Dave the Wave/X

As for Bitcoin, the trader uses his own version of logarithmic growth curves (LGCs) which attempt to plot BTC’s long-term market cycle highs and lows while filtering out volatility and noise.

He says that Bitcoin is on track to outperform traditional assets like the stock indices for at least another decade, based on the LGC.

“Another decade suggested by the LGC chart before BTC is fully capitalized and on a par with more traditional investments… keeping pace with inflation.

Until then, the primary vehicle for wealth creation.”

Source: Dave the Wave/X

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