Design a Boss Skin for Boss Fighters

A new create and earn opportunity arises as Boss Fighters offers users the chance to design their own Boss skins, with the top designs minted as actual game NFTs, and the winning designer receiving copies to sell or give away!

User created content has long been a hallmark of gaming in the form of game mods. But web3 gaming is taking things to the next level by finding ways to reward these content creators through various create and earn programs. The latest to join this rising tide of user generated content is Boss Fighters, who have announced a special contest, asking for design submissions for new Boss skins!

This is not an opportunity to design a whole new Boss. These will just be skins for the existing model. However, that still leaves plenty of room for creativity!

You’ll need to actually model your design for this contest. The Boss Fighters team suggests using Substance, an advanced, professional modeling tool that the team uses, or Blender, the free to use, widely documented modeling program.

There is now a step by step tutorial for creating your own Boss Fighters Boss skin.

Create and Earn by Designing a Boss Skin

Boss Fighters has added a contest specific chat to their Discord called “boss-crafters”. Creators can share and discuss ideas, receive and offer help and guidance, and upload their submissions. To be considered for the contest, entrants must screenshot their creation from several angles. They must the upload these screenshots into the Discord chat, and tag any Boss Fighters team member. And even if 3D modeling is completely new to you, the contest will be open for the next three months, so you have some time to learn. The winner(s) will be announced in January of 2024.

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The Boss Fighters team says that the number of winners selected depends on the quantity and quality of the submissions. The winner(s) will be able to name their design (within reason, of course), see it incporporated into the game as a limited edition (100 copies) NFT skin, and receive 20 of their game skins themselves to distribute or sell as they see fit!

The Boss Fighters team will keep the remaining 80 to sell. Though they do promise that the winners will have a month of exclusive supply before they put any of the skins on the market.

We’ve seen the community come up with many amazing designs with the Shrapnel Insignia creator. And while creating a Boss Fighters Boss skin is a bit more involved in the setup process, I’m expecting to see a lot of really cool designs. So start creating and let’s see what you got!

Boss skins from the Alpha collection
Boss skins from the Alpha collection

What is Boss Fighters?

Boss Fighters is an asynchronous, arena combat game that pits a team of players against one other player as The Boss – a giant enemy that can smash apart buildings, shoot lasers, and even rip the giant hot dog off from the top of the restaurant and hurl it at the puny humans! The Fighter players have guns, rockets, grappling hooks, sticky bombs, and other weapon and gear options to assist in their fight battle the Boss.

Boss Fighters will be free to play. And those who have no interest in blockchain or NFTs can still play and earn in-game rewards. Boss Fighters includes digital assets and NFTs, but they will be cosmetic only and not affect gameplay. The game runs in seasons. During each season, players gain experience as they play, opening up new gear, cosmetics, and upgrades. All of these rewards are wiped between seasons, but players will have the option of spending game currency to mint certain items into an NFT. As the Boss players are the heart of the game, they will see increased rewards for participation in the game. This includes bonuses for playing on a regular basis.

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Character, Boss, and weapon skins are available on Open Loot.

Boss Fighters wants to bring a game show feel to their game and they highly encourage streaming. They want to build an eSportthat is a fun event for players and viewers. The Boss Fighters team is already envisioning ways to encourage and reward viewers and audience participation.

To learn more about Boss Fighters, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Boss Fighters gameplay
look out!

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