Collector Crypt Partners with SNS Bonfida for a WL Giveaway

Collector Crypt, a popular platform bridging between real-world assets and blockchain technology has initiated an exclusive partnership. The company announced that it is collaborating with Bonfida which is a protocol working under Solana Name Service (SNS) to offer a whitelist giveaway. The firm announced the respective development on its social media account on X.

We’ve partnered with Bonfida for a wl giveaway! 🎁

In addition to rewarding our current holders, we wanted to find the most devoted Pokemon trainers on Solana and bring them here, so who better to rewards than anyone with a Pokemon SNS domain? 🌐

Click their tweet for the full… https://t.co/DaSBrdxNMj

— Collector | irl trading card redeemable NFTs $SOL (@Collector_Crypt) April 14, 2024

Collector Crypt and SNS Bonfida Join to Offer a WL Giveaway

As per the company, it intends to reward its present holders with the respective event. In addition to this, it also focuses on pursuing the Solana-based most loyal Pokemon trainers. The purpose of this pursuit is to onboard the respective trainers based on their devotion. In this respect, the company has invited the relevant parties to take part in the above-mentioned event.

SNS Bonfida also commented on this partnership. The company provided the details concerning the giveaway. According to it, the firm will give away thirty whitelist marks for Tokenized Pokemon Firedancer Drop. This event will reportedly take place on the launchpad of Magic Eden. The due date for the respective episode is the 16th of this month.

Additionally, SNS Bonfida clarified that this event offers an opportunity that just the holders of Pokemon SNS can leverage. In this respect, the firm added, the users need to possess a pokemon.sol. This will permit them to take part in the event. Moreover, the participants need to abide by the instructions that Bonfida and Collector Crypt provide them.

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SNS Bonfida Will Announce the Winners in 24 Hours

Apart from that, they need to offer their Pokemon domain name. The company will send the WL on the provided domains of the winners. The firm asserted that entire of the entire Pokemon categories on its site will be considered regarding the Pokemon SNS holders. It will reportedly announce the winners in twenty-four hours.

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