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China Daily Ventures into Metaverse and NFT Arena

Chinese state-run newspaper China Daily has disclosed plans to establish its own Metaverse and NFT platform. A budget of 2.813 million Yuan has been allocated to procure a contractor proficient in crafting a robust platform capable of managing over 10,000 transactions every second.

The platform is expected to encompass a range of functionalities, including the ability for users to upload, display, and manage digital collections seamlessly. Additionally, a multi-currency settlement feature is anticipated to facilitate transactions on a global scale.

Bridging Domestic Innovation with Global Platforms

In an effort to broaden its digital horizon, China Daily is also seeking collaboration with recognized overseas NFT platforms such as OpenSea and Rarible. The collaboration aims at issuing digital collections, thereby extending the reach and appeal of the emerging platform to a global audience.

This initiative underscores a growing interest in blockchain-based digital assets, even in the face of China’s stringent cryptocurrency regulations. While China has maintained a rigid stance against cryptocurrencies, this venture indicates a nuanced approach towards the underlying blockchain technology and its myriad applications. 

The move by China Daily elucidates the government’s recognition of the potential embedded in blockchain technology to foster digital innovation while still retaining a degree of control that aligns with national regulatory frameworks.

Setting a Precedent in a Regulated Digital Landscape

The ability to handle a high volume of transactions is a critical factor for the success of any blockchain platform. With a capacity to process over 10,000 transactions per second, the proposed platform underscores an endeavor to ensure scalability and efficiency, catering to a potentially large user base.

Furthermore, the intended collaboration with established foreign NFT platforms like OpenSea and Rarible could signify an emerging trend of cross-border blockchain collaborations. This move not only broadens the scope and accessibility of digital assets but also fosters a global digital ecosystem where creativity and innovation can thrive amidst a regulated framework.

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The juxtaposition of China’s regulatory environment against its latest venture into the Metaverse and NFT sphere is indicative of a nuanced approach towards embracing the digital future. It showcases a strategic balance between fostering innovation and adhering to regulatory standards.

As China Daily embarks on this venture, the global blockchain community will be keenly observing the unfolding dynamics. The initiative not only augments China’s digital footprint but also sets a precedent for state-run entities venturing into the rapidly evolving domains of the Metaverse and NFTs.


This development is a testament to the growing recognition of blockchain technology’s potential to redefine digital interaction and asset management, transcending traditional regulatory and geographical boundaries.

The venture by China Daily into the Metaverse and NFT domain is a significant stride, reflecting an evolving attitude towards blockchain technology in a tightly regulated landscape. The global implications of this initiative could resonate well beyond China’s digital frontier, marking a notable moment in the global blockchain narrative.

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