Cardano Once Again Has Highest Development Activity Based on GitHub Data

According to blockchain analytics firm Santiment, Cardano (ADA) has once again ascended to the top position in development activity among significant cryptocurrency projects. The firm disclosed that Cardano has tallied 611.47 significant GitHub commits within the past 30 days, outstripping all other blockchain initiatives in this regard.

Previously, Cardano had been outpaced by Polkadot (DOT) and its associated canary test network, Kusama (KSM). The latest figures, however, reveal that Polkadot and KSM have accumulated 500.67 GitHub commits during the same 30-day period, now jointly occupying the second place in the development activity rankings.

Santiment emphasizes that a robust level of development activity is often an encouraging sign of developers’ trust in the long-term sustainability of a blockchain. It also implies that new features are likely to be integrated into the project’s ecosystem in the near future.

In the recently released version 1.6 of the Lace wallet for Cardano, several new features and improvements have been introduced to enhance user experience and functionality. One of the standout features is the enhanced control over multi-staking activities. Users can now allocate different percentages of their stakes to up to five separate stake pools. This customization is accessible through an intuitive interface under the “Manage” option, allowing users to easily adjust the ratios by adding or subtracting percentages.

The update also focuses on simplifying the multi-staking process. Users can now effortlessly view all selected pools at the top of the “Browse Pools” tab. Tooltips have been added to each column name to clarify what each column signifies. Additionally, the recovery phrase setup within the settings has been simplified, making it more user-friendly.

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Version 1.6 also addresses several bugs related to multi-staking. It ensures that funds from all addresses are accurately displayed post-multi-staking and provides precise calculations when a user removes a pool from their selection. The update also improves screen responsiveness in the multi-staking section and removes the display of $ADA rewards on the mainnet.

Earlier today, Santiment revealed that Ethereum’s top 10 non-exchange and top 10 exchange addresses continue to amass wealth. As Ethereum’s market value hovers slightly above $1,570, 8.51% of all Ethereum is currently held in exchange wallets. Moreover, the 10 largest Ethereum wallets not associated with exchanges are holding an impressive 39.22 million ETH.

On October 9, Santiment also commented on the whale activity within the XRP Ledger. The analytics firm noted a decrease in whale activity this year when compared to 2021 and 2022. Despite this, key addresses holding between 100,000 and 100 million XRP have increased their holdings. These wallets now hold approximately $7.89 billion in XRP, compared to $7.16 billion a year ago.

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