Bitcoin and Ethereum Pose Downside Potential Despite Bounce

A prominent cryptocurrency analyst, Bluntz, has expressed skepticism about the recent uptrend that increased Bitcoin and Ethereum prices by more than 5%. The pseudonymous analyst told his over 224,000 Twitter followers that the flagship crypto assets may face more downturns. 

Applying the Elliott Wave theory in his analysis, Bluntz predicted that Ethereum is about to complete a five-wave pattern. According to him, Ethereum will decline to $1,450 on completing the wave pattern marked 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Bitcoin And Ether Could Face More Downturn Before A Bounce

In Bluntz’s technical analysis, the five-wave chart pattern exists within a larger three-wave pattern marked A, B, and C. And this three-wave pattern is also on a downtrend. He noted that ETH and BTC must complete this wave pattern before a bullish upturn.

However, while this analysis projects a bearish trend for ETH and BTC, Bluntz believes there is potential for a bullish breakout. He said the theory becomes invalid if ETH breaks above $1,804 or Bitcoin surpasses the $28,770 price level.

Bluntz noted:

Invalidation of this thesis is if we break $1,804 for ETH or $28,770 for BTC as wave-4 can’t go within wave-1 territory,

BTCUSD price chart
Bitcoin’s price currently stands at $27,193 in the daily chart. | Source: BTCUSD price chart from TradingView.com

Bears Intent On More Downturns For ETH And BTC; Any Hope For A Rebound?

Meanwhile, Bitcoin and Ethereum are exhibiting a slightly bearish outlook at press time. Bitcoin trades at $27,211, with a nearly 1% decline, while Ethereum price is down by 0.89%, at $1,704. Bitcoin had also been under bearish pressure over the past seven days after slipping off the $29,000 support level on August 16.

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As the bears pressed on, the flagship cryptocurrency traded within the $26,000 price level, occasionally regressing to $25,900. The downturn was in tune with the bearish sentiment in the cryptocurrency market over the past few days.

However, on August 29, the news of the court ruling in favor of Grayscale Investment in its case against the US SEC broke out. This news generated a buzz in the crypto market, leading to an uptick in market capitalization. 

As a result, Bitcoin recorded a sharp spike that returned its value to the $28,000 price mark. At the time, BTC’s price surged 8%, climbing from a week low of $25,860 to a high of $28,010. But the bulls couldn’t sustain the momentum as Bitcoin quickly regressed, dipping to $27,394.

Bitcoin now consolidates around the $27,000 price zone, awaiting a bullish turn to trigger a rally. 

Ethereum Market Outlook

Ethereum also met a similar fate as Bitcoin, exhibiting the same chart pattern and price movement in the last week. The second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap remained on a bearish trend in line with the broader crypto market.

Ether’s price slipped off the $1,800 support on August 17, accompanied by a prolonged bearish momentum that pushed it to $1,600. 

Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum reacted to the brief market recovery, pushing above $1,740 on August 29. While ETH’s rally has relapsed, it maintains a price level above $1,700, holding over 2% of its past week’s gains. However, ETH’s latest strides suggest the bulls are up for a recovery.

Featured image from Pixabay and chart from TradingView.com

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